The Best Summer Skincare Routine for Teens

The Best Summer Skincare Routine for Teens

Summer is always a fun time for teenagers. School is out, the sun is up, and beach parties are back.

But did you know that young skin can still be damaged by the sun? Sun-damage is not only for old folks like us! This is why establishing a summer skincare routine is essential for your teenage daughter.

Remind her how important it is to protect not only her face, but decolletage, arms, legs and all exposed areas of skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

What’s the Best Summer Skincare Routine to Follow?

It’s no secret that the summer heat can inflict damage to the skin, far more than we can ever imagine. From pimples to dark spots, to something as worse as skin cancer, there’s just no telling what the sun can do without healthy skincare.

Before you let her out to enjoy the outdoors, you can help her take some necessary precautions with the following summer skincare routine.

Why Understand Skin Type?

Before starting any summer skincare routine, it’s important for her to understand what kind of skin she has because not doing so can render even the best skin regimen ineffective.

Does she have dry, oily skin or is it a combination of both? By helping her identify her skin type, she’ll also be able to determine the type of products that is best suited to her personally. Strangely, your skin type could be different from hers.

Refreshing the Face Twice a Day

Washing the face is a given when it comes to skin care especially in the summer when we tend to sweat a lot. A good face wash that suits her skin type will do, or at minimum, splashes with refreshing water followed by dabbing (patting) with a clean towel.

Just make sure that she doesn’t rub her skin with the towel because that action may cause damage too. Exfoliating the skin once a week with a gentle scrub would be a much better option than scrubbing the skin dry.

Cover Up Proper Sun Protection

Summer is all about the outdoors. Whether she’s going to the beach or just hanging out in the mall with her friends, it’s important for her to have some type of sun protection.

A pair of cool sunglasses and a bright colorful hat/cap should be a great addition to her ensemble. They’re not only effective in protecting the skin from the heat, but they could also be sporty, chic and most of all, stylish.

Sunburn and Peeling Skin is NOT a Good Look

If there’s one routine she shouldn’t do without fail come summer time, it’s that of wearing sunscreen. We can’t emphasize enough how important this is in keeping your skin, or at least the exposed parts, protected from the sun’s harmful rays. If she’ll be out for a good number of hours, she may need to reapply sunscreen once every 1 to 2 hours for maximum effectiveness.

Replace Your Fluids

We all know how essential water is to our existence. It’s the reason everyone’s advised to drink 8 glasses of H2O per day to stay adequately hydrated.

Drinking water also helps clear out impurities in the skin to give a healthier look not to mention the positive effects water has on other parts of the body. Hydrating with a lot of water is key to radiant and glowing skin.

Although water is preferrable to most other drinks (due to the additives), if push comes to shove, it might be better to have that soda. But the better alternative is to always carry a bottle of pure H2O with you just in case.

Many of us tend not to drink enough water because “oh no we have to pee.” Know that it’s part of being a woman. We have a built in excuse.

Better to have to Pee AGAIN, than to faint and have to go to the hospital for intravenous fluid replacement aye!

Don’t be Dull, Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizing the skin regularly is another good summer skincare routine to adopt. Hot weather easily dehydrates the skin, making it look dry and dull. Indoor air-conditioning also removes humidity from the air and zaps the moisture from your skin.

The best way to help re-hydrate the skin is through a good, non-greasy moisturizing cream.

Makeup On, Makeup Off, Breathe

For teenage girls, wearing makeup can become obsessive. If she needs to wear heavy makeup, ensure that she cleanses her skin thoroughly before she goes to bed. This helps the hard-working skin to breathe.

Waterproof makeup is used a lot in the summer especially so it might take a little more effort to remove it. Take that into consideration.

Caring for Her Skin – Not Such a Bad Obsession

Summer is a great time to have fun under the sun but one should never forget about proper skin care. Establishing an effective summer skincare routine will help her take care of herself despite the damaging effects the sun could cause.

She’ll probably not understand what all the hooplah is about but if taking care of her skin becomes a habit, it will become a part of life and not such a bother.

There are certainly more ways to enjoy the outdoors without compromising skin health. The tips mentioned above can be the start.

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